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Paula-Maree Roberts

Ping Our Magnificent In-House JV Manager, Paula-Maree, If You Need Anything

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Start mailing when CART OPENS at 09:00AM Eastern on Tuesday 16th November 2021! (See swipes below)

Day 1 = Tuesday 16th November
Day 2 = Wednesday 17th November
Day 3 = Thursday 18th November
Day 4 = Friday 19th November
Day 5 = Saturday 20th November
Day 6 = Sunday 21st November
Day 7 = Monday 22nd November

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DAY 1 0859AM Eastern
DATE: Tuesday 16th November 2021
SUBJECT: Michael Cheney has gone MAD!
SUBJ: The Willy Wonka of Internet Marketing?
SUBJ: Michael Cheney has gone MAD! 🎩
SUBJ: Your golden ticket

Remember when Willy Wonka opened the factory?

That was PEANUTS compared to this.

Millionaire Michael Cheney is revealing everything he does...

To put YOU on the fast track to 1 million!

Insider secrets... 

...and actionable strategies... 

Now you can get access to it ALL... 

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DAY 2 1133 AM Eastern
DATE: Wednesday 17th November
SUBJECT: The 7 Secrets to Affiliate Marketing Success

It is true.

There are secrets to success in anything

and Affiliate Marketing is no exception.

What if an online millionaire:

Revealed those secrets

In 7 easy to follow lesons... that are easy to take action on?

Sounds to good to be true.

And it was.

But now things have changed.

Millionaire Michael Cheney is revealing all 7 Secrets to

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Best,[Your Name]
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DAY 3 545PM Eastern
DATE: Thursday 18th November 2021
SUBJECT: How to get $100,000 and 4,000 subs in a week

Could you use an extra 100k???

What about adding 4,000 people to your email list?

You know, the money is in the list: add 4,000 to THAT list.

and What if it didn't take forever?

Say just a week...

This is just one thing Michael Cheney is teaching.

People paid $4,000 to get access

but you...

Can grab this and 6 other secrets

for the price of a fast food meal in the U.S.

The price could triple 

and it would still be worth it for this one secret alone.

Get access to all 7 secrets now[Your Affiliate Link]

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DAY 4 747PM Eastern
DATE: Friday 19th November 2021
SUBJECT: Access to $4,000 Training for a Few Bucks

It was a 2 day training session.

Everyone was locked in.

Sworn to secrecy.

No one could reveal these 7 secret sessions...

Until Now

Get access to the recordings of this secret summit now.

It is a no brainer when you see how little it costs.

Grab these Secret Sessions that will

Fast track you to success

for less than a Pizza (*depending on local area and size)

If you want to be a millionaire

These 7 Secrets will tell you everything you need to know

So you can kill it online.

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DAY 5 831PM
DATE: Saturday 20th November 2021
SUBJECT: Secret to Multiply Your Money REVEALED

Can you imagine making money online?

and then multiplying it?

There is an exact step by step way to do JUST THAT.

and that is just one

of several secrets Millionaire Michael Cheney will be revealing.

People paid $4,000

They were kept in secret...

The press was not allowed in despite repeated requests.

A special 2 man camera crew

Were allowed to film the proceedings;

In case anything happened to Michael after these big reveals.

Now for the price of a "Super Size" Meal

You can get your hands on those secrets from the Millionaire Vault.

Grab it here now[Your Affiliate Link]

Best,[Your Name]

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DAY 6 717AM Eastern 1st Email
DATE: Sunday 21st November 2021
SUBJECT: Are you on the Fast Track to a Million?

I have been emailing you for the last few days

about a Seceret Society type meeting

that took place over 2 days

and The Fast Track to 1 million (Dollars) was revealed.

by Millionaire Michael Cheney

Did you get in yet?

If you want to be a millionaire in the fastest way possible

You need to get this now

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DAY 6 921PM Eastern 2nd Email
DATE: Sunday 21st November 2021
SUBJECT: Fast Track to 1 Million FAQ Answers given

Many of you have been wondering about

Fast Track to 1 Million.

It is a new product release by Millionaire Michael Cheney

There are lots of ways to a million dollars

but he teaches the most direct route.


1. Are these sessions Newbie friendly?

Yes. Even if you are just getting started this will work for you.

2. I am not very technical, can this still work?

Yes. You can start regardless of experience or technical abillity

3. Will the price go up if I continue to wait?

Yes. The price is going up Monday.

4. Does this work in my country?

Yes. No matter where you are in the world, if you have Internet

You can make Internet/Online Marketing work with this.

5. Is this the fastest way to become a millionaire?


So if you are wanting to be a millionaire

and you want it fast

Grab the Secret recordings here

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DAY 7 613AM Eastern 1st Email
DATE: Monday 22nd November 2021
SUBJECT: Locked up with a Millionaire and this happened:

2 Days in Edinburgh, Scotland

Secret meeting

Secrets Revealed.

The fastest way to become a millionaire (without crime or lottery)


Now for the first time ever

Recordings of those secret meetings are available.

People paid $4,000 to get access

You will not be paying more than you would for a fast food meal...

And you will get the exact same information.

Go now and Fast Track yourself to a million

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DAY 7 1149AM Eastern 2nd Email
DATE: Monday 22nd November 2021
SUBJECT: Price going up don't miss out

You may have been on the fence.

Wondering if this will work for you.

I'd be skeptical too...

Fast way to get to a million dollars.

But the course is by Michael Cheney who has made over 7 million online.

His experience is what tells me it works.

All his other courses have.

With that level of experience he knows the shortcuts

He has done the trial/error/testing so that you don't have to struggle like he did

He forged the path and he is giving you the map.

Check it out for yourself

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DAY 7 1022PM Eastern 3rd Email
DATE: Monday 22nd November 2021
SUBJECT: Last Chance to get in

Fast Track to 1 Million will be going up in price

At midnight the price is going up

That is in about an hour and a half

(If you are reading this the exact time it is being sent to you)

That gives little time

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I don't want to see you miss this.

7 Sessions

Millionaire Secrets revealed

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STEP #4. See Funnel

Fast Track to 1 Million Funnel

People Paid $4000 To Attend This 3-Day Training, Now People Can Get It For $9.95! Look What Attendees Said About It...

Fast Track to 1 Million is the never-before-sold recordings of a breakthrough LIVE event I held in the REAL WORLD (pre-Rona).

People paid $4000 to attend this live event, and flew in from all corners of the globe.

I shared every step I took to make $1 Million in a single year.

The recordings were taken with TWO cameramen and also include recording of the slides, as well as my keynotes from the stage.





Session #1. The Millionaire Machine

Session #2. How to Attract Hordes of Hungry Buyers and Make "Push-Button" Money on Demand

Session #3. The Easy $10,000 per Month Shortcut

Session #4. The Multi-Billion Dollar Matrix Which Will Make You Rich

Session #5. 7-Figure Funnel Secrets EXPOSED

Session #6. How to Get $100,000 and 4000 Buyers in 1 Week

Session #7. Magic "Multiply Your Money" Tricks

Plus, customers get...



Customers also get 7 Action Plans, one for every one of the 7 sessions.

These are simple to follow, step-by-step plans, which take people directly to the money.

And as if that weren't enough 🙂 they also receive these 4 BONUSES too...



#1. The $67K Copy and Paste Done-for-You Campaign

#2. The 7 Muppetproof Money Methods for Non-Tech Newbies


#3. The 5-Minute Newbie-Friendly Fast Start Guide


#4. The "Never Fall Off" Accountability System



This is a breakthrough video training session where they get all the biggest insights from my 20 years of doing internet marketing.

I share the biggest secrets that have catapulted me to millionaire status.

I've offered this as a Bump before on a previous offer and it got a staggering 41% conversion rate! 😮



I recently did live small-group coaching sharing how I built a mini blogging empire, fast.

People paid me a bunch of money to get access.

These are all the breakthrough recordings which show them every step to building a money-getting content empire.



They are going to LOVE this!

This is a shortcut direct to the money because everyone who grabs this upsell unlocks the licence to resell this entire funnel and keep 100% of all the money.

Strategically positioned as the last item in the funnel, this is going to EXPLODE your EPCs!


STEP #5. Win Cash & Prizes (actually just cash but let's have some fun pretending...)

1st Place Prize:
Hydro Jet Board ($3000) + RECIP MAILING!

Flood your body with Adrenaline:

Hooked on by just a foot, probably going to die??

Yes sir The Hydro Jet Board would get you through the water at super speed.

Under water Millions? This may get you there (if it doesn't get you killed)

As with all these ridiculous prizes I'm not shipping this sucker anywhere:-

They are purely presented here for edutainment - all prizes will be sent using that good old "cashola" format and PayPal.


Cash Value: $3000


2nd Place Prize: Batman Armored Speed Suit ($1500) + RECIP MAILING!

Fastest way to the Millions?

A millionaire in a suit of armor (costume)

Speed and the armor that can break through walls?


This Batman costume can be worn anywhere in Gotham and as an added bonus:

Everyone in Gotham will love (or hate) you and your millions...

The costume armor will not be shipped anywhere in the world.

You get Money instead via Paypal...

(Cash Value $1500)


3rd Place: Snow Cycle ($750) + RECIP MAILING!

Snow Cycle:

See demo below.

Are the Millions frozen?

Looking for COLD hard cash? FAST?

Zip over to the finish line in your state-of-the-art


Cash Value: $750


4th Place: Ferrari Experience ($350)

Ever want to know how those "NASCAR" boys feel?

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of this Ferrari:

Race so fast your heart might stop.

sweat like Jalapenos have a hold on you.

Heart pounding with excitement

Please be heart healthy if you are taking this prize experience..

(Cash Value: $300)



5th Place Prize: All Electric Hermes Speedster (Value $300)

Trying to get out of town fast?

Got the loot and the lovely ladies all set...This Speedster is capable of speeds you can't imagine.Luxury cruising is a must.Get the loot to the offshore account in the all electric

Hermes Speedster.

Jeff Bezos just loaned us this for the day

(Cash Value $300)


6th Place Prize: Light up Wheel Lights ($250)

Want to speed at night?

You can't see 'cause its dark and you're scared.

We got you covered.

These wheel lights will show you the fast way...

Light up the path to the TREASURE chest!

Cash Value: $250


7th Place Prize: Star Wars Landspeeder Pool Toy ($200)

Need to cool off from your Journey through the desert planet??

Get in the pool with this Landspeeder Pool Float

(Probably for the kids)

After you hunt for treasure in the desert...

You need to have some pool time and this time

You will GO Nowhere Fast

(Except to RELAXATION island)

Cash Value: $200


8th Place Prize: Nano Quadricopter ($150)

Combine Speed and stealth.

Spying on the competition?

This Nano Quadricopter can:

see all hear all and knows all.

The latest in JV spy gear.

The must have of the Fall season 2021

Even Ben Martin is like "that's cool bro"

(Cash Value $150)


9th Place Prize:
Kid's Inflatable Jet Ski($100)

Kids Jet Ski:

You know when you want to look like the "cool" dad.

Sure you're just trying to get the high energy kid off your plate.

Either way this is going the fastest this kid can go while still being safe.

They will be laughing, smiling and saying

"I'm glad my dad is an affiliate marketer.."

Or uhm something like that.

Cash Value: $100


10th Place Prize:
Superman Compression Workout shirt ($75)

Okay so you came last in the contest - no biggie.

You just need to get STRONGER, SMARTER and FASTER

(It is a speed contest...)

And working out with the Superman Compression shirt?

Well it's probably stuff and nonsense....

But hey it might work.... right?



Cash Value: $75



Fast Track to 1 Million JV Leaderboard

1st - $3000 - Who will win this?
2nd - $1500- Who will win this?
3rd - $750- Who will win this?
4th - $350- Who will win this?
5th - $300- Who will win this?
6th - $250- Who will win this?
7th - $200- Who will win this?
8th - $150- Who will win this?
9th - $100- Who will win this?
10th - $75- Who will win this?

Paula-Maree Roberts

Ping Our Incredible In-House JV Manager, Paula-Maree, If You Need Anything

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